Foresters, Independent Order of


Foresters, Independent Order of, is a fraternal benefit society that sells life insurance and other financial products to its members. Other benefits include competitive scholarships, medical assistance, and disaster relief. The organization also sponsors social activities, such as bowling leagues and golf tournaments. Members live in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The organization is sometimes referred to as the IOF.

In addition to its programs for members, the IOF helps many worthy causes, especially for children. For example, it sponsors programs for the prevention of child abuse. The IOF also supports children’s hospitals, fire safety education, cancer research, and guide dogs for the blind.

The IOF started in Newark, New Jersey, in 1874. A Mohawk Indian named Peter Martin, better known as Dr. Oronhyatekha, served as the IOF’s first supreme chief ranger. The IOF’s international headquarters are in Toronto.