Top 10 Benefits of Having Motorcycle Insurance

There are plenty of reasons why people love riding motorcycles. It offers a certain sense of freedom that you don’t get when you’re ensconced in a metal box on wheels. Traffic jams don’t affect you as badly, since you can maneuver your motorcycle through tighter spaces. It may also appeal to your own sense of rebellion. But part of your responsibility as a motorcycle owner is to have motorcycle insurance.

Why? Let’s point out several excellent reasons:

  1. First on the list is the fact that in most states, it’s mandatory to obtain motorcycle insurance. Riding a motorcycle without insurance isn’t just foolish, but also illegal.
  2. You’ll have protections for yourself, your passenger, other drivers on the road, and your motorcycle if you ever get into an accident.
  3. Don’t scoff at the likelihood of an accident. Statistics show that motorcycle riders are 5 times more likely to get injured compared to those who ride in 4-wheeled automobiles. The death rate comparison is even worse, since motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die.

In 2013, there were about 88,000 injuries among motorcyclists in the US. That boils down to 241 people hurt every day.

  1. The fact of the matter is that riding along on 2 wheels is much more dangerous than riding on 4 wheels. That’s because you have to maintain your balance at all times. That’s more difficult when it’s raining, or when there’s a slippery patch of road that your motorcycle passes on. The things that won’t affect an automobile may prove challenging when you’re on a motorcycle.
  2. There’s also the reality about how other motorists are less able to notice you when you’re riding a motorcycle. You’re not as visible. That’s why you should always practice defensive driving, especially on a motorcycle. Yet even this kind of riding attitude won’t completely eliminate the possibility of a motorcycle accident.
  3. If you and a passenger get hurt when you’re riding your motorcycle, the insurance policy can cover your medical expenses regardless of who was at fault for the accident.
  4. If another motorist was liable for your injuries, their insurance policy will help cover your expenses. But if they’re uninsured, your own insurance policy can kick in to cover the expenses.
  5. What if you were liable for the accident? Then that means you’re also liable for the injuries of the other people involved. If that’s the case, your insurance policy will cover their medical expenses so you won’t have to empty your bank account to cover their bills.
  6. The insurance policy can also cover the cost of repairing your own motorcycle, should another liable party not have enough insurance to cover the expenses. If you’re the one liable, then this insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs for other involved automobiles.
  7. The insurance policy can also cover a wide variety of reasons for any damage to your motorcycle. It’s possible that your motorcycle may get stolen—it’s easier since there’s no door to lock like in a car. You may be driving alone on the road and then you hit an animal that suddenly crosses your path. It’s even possible that your motorcycle be vandalized. All these damages and repairs may be covered by your insurance policy.

These are just 10 reasons why you need insurance. There really is no good reason not to have motorcycle insurance—so why risk it?